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Bereavement Support Group

It can be a devastating experience when a husband or wife dies, when a child loses a parent or a parent loses a child. Nothing remains untouched and the bereaved face the daunting task of coping with their feelings and the challenge of beginning a new life without their lost loved-one.
Bereavement brings with it many bewildering emotions which can sometimes be too painful to discuss with ones family and friends. A trained, uninvolved listener can offer a sympathetic ear and help the bereaved to acknowledge and cope with these feelings.
The aim of The Bereavement Support Group is to offer compassionate support by contacting every newly bereaved member of our Synagogue during the difficult time shortly after the initial period of mourning. If required, one of our trained and experienced visitors will arrange to meet the bereaved person, usually in there own home, on a regular basis for an agreed period.
Members who have suffered a loss some time ago are welcome to contact the group for support via the shul office.
A strict code of  confidentiality will be observed at all times.