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Bar Mitzvah

Mazal tov on your forthcoming Simcha. Please call the shul office to book the date and for information regarding the shul’s Barmitzvah programme including the Barmitzvah test .
The term Bar Mitzvah refers to the fact that at the start of the fourteenth year of a boy's life - namely, the day of his thirteenth Hebrew birthday - he becomes a Bar Mitzvah, a "son of the commandments." He is required to keep the all the mitzvot pertaining to Jewish men, such as being counted towards a minyan and laying tefillin.
The week after his birthday he is called to the Torah to say the brachot and his father relinquishes responsibility for him. It is customary for the boy to lein the maftir (final) section of the weeks parsha (chapter) and the haftarah (reading from the Prophets) for that week. The preparation for this understandably takes some time, and there are registered teachers with the United Synagogue that can be found here.
After the service a kiddush is hosted by the parents of the boy and they will usually plan a celebration that week for family and friends. The Synagogue hall is available as a venue for this. Please email the office at when thinking about planning your event.

Bat Mitzvah

Mazal tov on your forthcoming simcha. Please call the shul office to book the date and for information regarding the shul’s Bat Mitzvah programme.
The term Bat Mitzvah means "daughter of the commandments". It refers to a girl's coming to maturity in terms of Jewish law, which according to the Talmud (Nida 45b) is when she reaches her twelfth Hebrew birthday. Boys, of course, do not reach halachic adulthood until they turn 13. The disparity in age serves to highlight the different roles accorded to men and women in Judaism. The Talmud recognises that not only do girls grow up earlier from a physical point of view, but from an emotional one as well. They are considered to be able to handle the responsibility that comes with maturity from a more tender age.

Since January 2007, the United Synagogue has introduced a Bat Mitzvah test, parallel to the existing Bar Mitzvah test for boys, which girls can also sit three times a year. Candidates will also receive a certificate which can be given in the synagogue or other appropriate place. This provides a girl with the perfect opportunity to spend time studying Torah and considering her role within the Jewish community - from now on, all the responsibilities and privileges of an adult Jewish woman are hers for the taking.
At Northwood United Synagogue, we invite the girl and her parents to the front of the Synagogue at the end of the service. The girl gives a Dvar Torah, prepared  with the help of her Bat Mitzvah teacher, and the Rabbi gives a short sermon and makes a presentation. A kiddush is hosted after the service by the parents and a party is normally held that week.
For a more personal touch, the Rabbi's wife can learn with the girl, prepare her Dvar Torah with her,  and can also arrange an evening for all the female members of the family for the girls actual Hebrew birthday, where the girl makes a blessing upon taking challah on behalf of her family for the first time. For details, please email the Synagogue office.