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Regular Shiurim

The Rabbi's Gemara Shiur takes place after Kabbalah Shabbat  from Simchat Torah to Pesach and before Shabbat mincha from Pesach to Rosh Hashanah 
At the Seuda Shlishit in the Synagogue (after Mincha on Shabbat afternoon) there is a Dvar Torah given by members of the community.

Northwood Learning Program

Issues and Answers

This discussion gives you the opportunity to have difficult and controversial questions on Judaism, Israel or the Jewish community addressed in an open forum. Please submit your questions in writing by posting them into the box situated in the lobby of the synagogue.


This series of text based classes will examine contemporary halachic issues in society and discuss the Jewish position on topics such as such as rescuing captives, civil disobedience and land for peace. We will draw on sources from all over the halachic literature from the Torah to modern day responsa.

The Festivals in Jewish Thought

An analysis of our festivals and why we do what we do. There will be some practical experience too regarding Jewish practice and prayer services.

Famous Psalms and their Meaning

This morning series of text based classes exclusively for ladies will examine Psalms that appear in our liturgy through the eyes of the commentators to give a deeper understanding of their meaning.

Women in the Talmud and Tanach

This morning series of text based classes exclusively for ladies will look at a number of women featured in the Talmud and in Tanach.