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21-23 Murray Road

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Are you coming to our Synagogue for a simcha? Mazel Tov! 
We hope you find the service inspirational and the atmosphere welcoming. A few points that will make your visit a bit easier : 
When entering the Synagogue, men are asked to wear a kippah - a small head covering. There is a box with spares located in the foyer of the Building, please ask if you can't find it.
Women and men are requested to have their upper arms and legs covered when in the Synagogue. Married women should cover their hair, and a box of hats for this purpose is also located in the foyer. In an Orthodox synagogue women do not wear trousers.
The style of dress appropriate for services is relaxed formal. Mobile phones should not be brought to Synagogue at all.
Northwood United Synagogue is an Orthodox synagogue. As such, women and men sit separately on either side of a low fence, called a mechitza. It is not appropriate to talk to each other across the mechitza!
We welcome children in our service and run children's and toddler services frequently. For more information click here. If children are in the main service, they are free to move between the men and women's sections, and the mechitza will be opened by a member of the congregation to allow them to pass. We like children to feel relaxed in the service, but do suggest bringing books and quiet toys to keep them entertained. There is a box of books for children in the Synagogue, please ask one of the congregation to point it out to you.
There are various points during the service when speaking is not permitted. When the ark is open at the front, displaying the Torah, or scrolls,  when the congregation is standing quietly,  and when the Torah is being read from, please maintain decorum in the Synagogue.
We hope this gives you an idea of what to expect when you visit us, and we look forward to welcoming you!